Welcome to Competition Carburetors
Carburetition at it's best
We've been building carburetors for over 20 years! Our diverse and extensive background in this field sets us apart from most rebuilders.

Our background and specialty is based in High Performance. 
We build carburetors for specific engine dynamics and usage.

Our concourse restorations are by far the best in the field! You'll find our restored carburetors on some of the rarest Muscle cars and highly collectable corvettes in the country such as:
  • Owens Corning L88 race car
  • #6 Roger Penske Sunoco Corvette racer
  • XP-819 experimental rear engine corvette
  • and many others
Nationally known companies we've built carburetors for are:
  • Jegs high performance
  • Dyers Superchargers
  • Demon Carburetion
  • BG Fuel systems
We build carburetors for the automotive and Marine industry. We stock 2 and 4bbl carburetors for marine application.
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